Hera Food was established to realize import and export activities related to food products in a global scale and operates within HERA GROUP. Hera Food which follows developing world technologies closely and maintains its up-to-date status shares the changes which it follows and gained in its scope with its stakeholders and aims to obtain positive and clear results to strengthen its competitive capacity in the markets. It maintains its competitive capacity in the world market through the successes it has obtained in this sense. Hera Food aims to select its partners operating in such sectors in the regions which do not have high added value and increase the employment level in such regions. Therefore, it aims to increase the “development” level of the selected region. Attaching importance for establishing partnership in food sector and conduct its operations in a professional level, Hera Food follows the fundamental food demands in countries where it serves force construction machinery and construction sectors and prioritizes the food deficiencies in such countries. “Absolute customer satisfaction” is regarded as guideline as the working principle in Hera Food included within Hera Group like in all the other group companies.