Approximately 90 mines are gone through production phases in the world to be used for various purposes. This number is around 60 in Turkey. Mining field, the first point of this journey which varies from especially industry to the ornaments in our houses is the point which includes various construction machinery. Hera Mining provides services such as supply, import and export activities of construction machinery and equipment which will be used in the production of materials such as marble, granite, and other coating materials in the mining field. Hera Mining focuses on quality, strength, and technological currency in supply of operation equipment to comply with challenging working conditions. If the time is accepted to be the most important factor in today’s world, the importance of technological one will be understood better. The activities of Hera Mining related to the mining sector is to conduct works of coating such as marble, granite and other materials used in infrastructure works of project partners of Hera Construction included in HERA GROUP on project basis.